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Auschwitz from the air, 1944
Auschwitz from the air, 1944


Other GSP Publications         News Articles

Ben Kiernan's 2006 address at Yad Vashem, "The Uniqueness of the Shoah in the Context of Genocide"

"Pakistan: Cost of a Genocide Ignored," by Ben Kiernan (Australian Literary Review, Dec. 5, 2007)

"Blood and Soil: the global history of genocide" (openDemocracy, Oct. 11, 2007)

From Sparta to Darfur: A Long History of Genocide

"Hitler, Pol Pot, and Hutu Power: Distinguishing Themes of Genocidal Ideology"

"What we can learn from Indonesian Islam," by Ben Kiernan, in T.N. Srinavasan, ed., The Future of Secularism, New York, Oxford UP, 2006, 181-8.

'Letting Sudan Get Away with Murder', (YaleGlobal Online, Feb. 4, 2005)

Genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda, ed. Susan E. Cook, GSP Monograph Series No. 1, 2004. Chapters

War and State Terrorism     E. Timor chapter

Century of Genocide: Critical Essays and Eyewitness Accounts

"Coming to Terms with the Past: Cambodia," History Today (Sept. 2004)

Cambodian Genocide Program (PBS Interview)

Online Video Programs

Ben Kiernan interviewed on The MacMillan Report (Dec. 3, 2008)

"Proving Genocide" panel, Yale Law School, Feb. 5, 2009

On Aggression: The Politics and Psychobiology of Genocide (panel discussion at Philoctetes Center, NY, Feb. 28, 2009)

News Articles

"Courage of ordinary heroes on show to stop genocide," The Australian, July 21, 2012.

"Remote Sensing Can Provide Evidence of Genocide" (U.Conn. Advance, March 30, 2009)

"Three decades later, justice for genocide victims," by Alaina Varvaloucas. "Perpetrators of the Cambodian genocide are brought to trial, with Yale's help." Yale Herald, Sept. 26, 2008.

"Footnotes: What does Yale have to do with Cambodia ?," by Neena Satija. Yale Herald, Sept. 26, 2008.

"Lost and Found: Yale researchers uncover documents of the Cambodian genocide long thought to have been lost," by My Khanh Ngo. Yale Globalist 8:4 (summer 2008), p. 9.

Ben Kiernan interviewed on The MacMillan Report (Dec. 3, 2008)

"PhD student uses remote sensing to study environmental effects of genocide" (Russell Schimmer, UConn)

"An Archive of Murders Past" (Economist, Sept. 27, 2007)

"Yale Genocide Center: A hidden humanities gem" (Yale Herald, Oct. 5, 2007)

"Khmer Rouge trial should be a shared experience," Bangkok Nation, August 22, 2006

'Genocide Since 1945: Never Again ?' (Spiegel Online, Jan. 26, 2005)

What Constitutes Genocide under International Law
(Radio Free Europe, Sept. 10, 2004)

"Khatchig Mouradian's Interview with Ben Kiernan, 2004"

'Life After Genocide' (Yale Alumni Magazine, Nov.-Dec. 2003)

Yale Daily News (January 31, 2001)

'Seminars Examine Genocide by Nazis and Cambodians'

'Kiernan named Griswold Professor' (Yale Bulletin and Calendar, May 3, 1999)

'Genocide Expert Talks Pinochet and Pol Pot' (Yale Herald, Dec. 4, 1998)'

GSP-funded Research

Benjamin Logan Madley, American Genocide: The California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873. Yale University Ph.D. dissertation, History Department, May 2009, 597 pp.
(Winner of the Frederick W. Beinecke Prize for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the field of Western American history, and the 2010 Phi Alpha Theta - Westerners International Prize for the best dissertation in Western history completed in 2009.)

Edward Kissi (GSP Postdoctoral Fellow 1998-1999), Revolution and Genocide in Ethiopia and Cambodia, Lexington Books, Lanham, MD, 2005.

Charles Mironko, GSP Associate Director, PhD dissertation: Social and Political Mechanisms of Mass Murder: An Analysis of Perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide, Yale University, Department of Anthropology, March 2004.

Jasmina Besirevic Regan, GSP-funded PhD dissertation, Ethnic Cleansing in Banja Luka: National Homogenization, Political Repression, and the Emergence of a Bosnian Muslim Refugee Community, Yale University, Department of Sociology,March 2004.

Soner Cagaptay, GSP-funded PhD dissertation, Crafting the Turkish Nation: Kemalism and Turkish Nationalism in the 1930s, Yale University, Department of History, 2003.

Other GSP-sponsored research

Mette Bastholm Jensen, PhD dissertation, Solidarity in Action: A Comparative Study of Rescue Efforts in Nazi-occupied Denmark and the Netherlands, Yale University, Department of Sociology, 2007.

Philip Verwimp, GSP Visiting Fellow (1999, 2002-04), PhD dissertation, Development and Genocide in Rwanda: A Political Economy Analysis of Peasants and Power under the Habyarimana Regime, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, 2003.

Deborah Mayersen (GSP Visiting Fellow, 2001), Ph.D. dissertation, Countdown to Genocide: An Exploration of the Timing of the Armenian and Rwandan Genocides. School of Historical Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia, 2008, 289 pp.

Serena Giordano (GSP Visiting Fellow, 2007-08), Ph.D. dissertation, La nozione di genocidio nella giurisprudenza dei Tribunali penali intenazionali ('The Notion of Genocide in International Criminal Tribunals Case Law'), School of Law, State University of Milan, Italy, April 2008, 279 pp.

Publications of the Genocide Studies Program

Tracking the Genocide in Darfur: Population Displacement as Recorded by Remote Sensing, (no. 36, 2008)

GSP Working Papers nos. 1-22 (1998-2002)

31 online GSP Working Papers (1998-2008, to no. 36)

Other Online GSP Working Papers: 

Abduction and Multiple Killings of Aborigines in Tasmania, 1804-1835, by Lyndall Ryan (no. 35, 2007)

Racial Discrimination in the Cambodian Genocide, by Liai Duong (No. 34, 2006)

Violence by Fire in East Timor, September 8, 1999, by Russell Schimmer (No. 33, 2006)

Indications of Genocide in the Bisesero Hills, Rwanda, 1994, by Russell Schimmer (No. 32, 2006)

Environmental Impact of Genocide in Guatemala, by Russell Schimmer (No. 31, 2006)

Conflict & Genocide in Former Yugoslavia, 1991-1995 , by Russell Schimmer (No. 30, 2007)

Genocide and Irredentism under Democratic Kampuchea, by Kanika Mak (No. 23, 2004)

The Annihilation of Superfluous Eaters: Nazi Plans for and Use of Famine in Eastern Europe, by Steven Welch (No. 16, 2001)

A Survey of Interpretive Paradigms in Holocaust Studies and a Comment on the Dimensions of the Holocaust
, by Steven Welch (No. 17, 2001)

Justice Done? Criminal and Moral Responsibility Issues in the Chinese Massacres Trial, Singapore, 1947, by Wai Keng Kwok (No. 18, 2001)

The Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese Communists, by Dmitry Mosyakov (No. 15, 2000)

Thailand's Response to the Cambodian Genocide, by Puangthong Rungswasdisab (No. 12, 1999)

Development Ideology, the Peasantry, and Genocide: Rwanda, by Philip Verwimp (No. 13)

Documenting the Cambodian Genocide on Multimedia, by Helen Jarvis (No. 4, 1998)

Recent Publications on Genocide by Ben Kiernan

Roots of U.S. Troubles in Afghanistan: Civilian Bombing Casualties and the Cambodian Precedent,” by Ben Kiernan and Taylor Owen, The Asia-Pacific Journal, 26-4-10,June 28, 2010.

Blood and Soil: A World History of Genocide and Extermination from Sparta to Darfur (Yale, 2007) Introduction

Genocide and Resistance in Southeast Asia: Documentation, Denial and Justice in Cambodia and East Timor  (Transaction, 2008)

"The Demography of Genocide in Southeast Asia" (Critical Asian Studies, 35:4, 2003)

"Killing with Intent" (Melbourne Age, 6 September 2003)

"From Cambodia to Iraq: The USA and International Law" (Bangkok Post, 11 May 2003)

"Collateral Damage' from Cambodia to Iraq" (Antipode 35:5, 2003)

"War, Genocide and Resistance in East Timor and Cambodia"

"Le Premier Génocide: Carthage 146 A.C.," Diogène, n. 203, juillet-sept. 2003

'"Collateral Damage" means real people,' Bangkok Post, 20 October 2002

"Cover-up and Denial of Genocide: Australia, the USA, East Timor, and the Aborigines" (Critical Asian Studies, 34:2, June 2002, pp. 163-192)

'Genocide: Themes and Variations from Armenia to East Timor,' Melbourne, 20 August 2001

'The Genocide of Native Americans', (Bangkok Post, July 29, 2001)

'Myth, Nationalism and Genocide', (Journal of Genocide Research 2001, 3[2], 187-206)

'Australia's Aboriginal Genocides', (Bangkok Post, September 10, 2000)

'Thy Neighbour's Life', (Bangkok Post, June 4, 2000)

"Sobre la noció de genocidi" (El Contemporani, Barcelona, no. 20, gener-abril 2000)

"Sur la notion de génocide", by Ben Kiernan (Le Débat, mars–avril 1999)

"Sul concetto di genocidio", by Ben Kiernan (I Viaggi di Erodoto, 38/39 1999)

"Genocide and 'ethnic cleansing'", by Ben Kiernan (Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion, 1998)

"«Danys col·laterals» significa persones de carn i ossos," El Contemporani (Barcelona), no. 27 (2003)

Recent Publications by Dori Laub


Recent publications by Adam Jones


Recent Publications by Edward Kissi

Revolution and Genocide in Ethiopia and Cambodia

The Holocaust as a Guidepost for Genocide Detection and Prevention in Africa


Recent Publications by Benjamin Madley

"Patterns of Frontier Genocide, 1803-1910: the Aboriginal Tasmanians, the Yuki of California, and the Herero of Namibia," Journal of Genocide Research 6:2 (June 2004), pp.167-192.

"From Africa to Auschwitz: How German Southwest Africa Incubated Ideas and Methods Adopted and Developed by the Nazis in Eastern Europe," European History Quarterly, 35:3 (2005), pp. 429-64.

"From Terror to Genocide: Britain's Tasmanian Penal Colony and Australia's History Wars," in Journal of British Studies, vol. 47 no. 1 (January 2008), pp. 77-106.

"California's Yuki Indians: Defining Genocide in American Indian History," in The Western Historical Quarterly, vol. 39 no. 3 (August 2008) pp. 303-32. The Western History Association awarded this article both the 2009 Arrell M. Gibson Award for the best article on Native American History published in any journal in 2008, and the Oscar O. Winther Award for the best article of 2008 in the Western Historical Quarterly.


GSP Working Papers by Russell Schimmer

Tracking the Genocide in Darfur: Population Displacement as Recorded by Remote Sensing, (no. 36, 2008)

Violence by Fire in East Timor, September 8, 1999, (No. 33, 2006)

Indications of Genocide in the Bisesero Hills, Rwanda, 1994, (No. 32, 2006

Environmental Impact of Genocide in Guatemala, (No. 31, 2006)

Conflict & Genocide in Former Yugoslavia, 1991-1995 (No. 30, 2007)

Recent Publications on Cambodia

by Ben Kiernan

Roots of U.S. Troubles in Afghanistan: Civilian Bombing Casualties and the Cambodian Precedent,” by Ben Kiernan and Taylor Owen, The Asia-Pacific Journal, 26-4-10,June 28, 2010.

Chams,” in The Encyclopedia of Islam, Third Edition, 2010, pp. 173-80

Genocide and Resistance in Southeast Asia:
Documentation, Denial and Justice in Cambodia and East Timor
(Transaction, 2008)

"From the Mekong to the Nile: Genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda," ch. 15 of Blood and Soil: A World History of Genocide and Extermination from Sparta to Darfur (Yale University Press, 2007), pp. 539-69.

"Conquistadors in Cambodia, 1585-99," and "Ethnoreligious Violence in Cambodia, 1600-1800," in ch. 4 of Blood and Soil, pp. 133-39, 156-60.

"Documentation Delayed, Justice Denied: The Historiography of the Cambodian Genocide," ch. 18 of Dan Stone, ed., The Historiography of Genocide, Palgrave, New York, 2008, pp. 468-86.

Preface to the Third Edition of The Pol Pot Regime: Race, Power and Genocide in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, 1975-79 (Yale University Press, 2008), pp. ix-xxiii.

"Serial Colonialism and Genocide in Nineteenth-Century Cambodia," in Empire, Colony, Genocide: Conquest, Occupation and Subaltern Resistance in World History, edited by A. Dirk Moses, New York, Berghahn Books, 2008, pp. 205-228.

"Foreword" to Dancing in Shadows: Sihanouk, the Khmer Rouge, and the United Nations in Cambodia,
by Benny Widyono (Lanham, Md., Rowman and Littlefield, 2008), xvii-xxvi.

Conflict and Change in Cambodia (2006)

"Bombs over Cambodia," by Taylor Owen and Ben Kiernan, The Walrus (Canada), Oct. 2006, pp. 62-69.

"External and Indigenous Sources of Khmer Rouge Ideology," in The Third Indochina War: Conflict between China, Vietnam and Cambodia, 1972-79. Edited by Sophie Quinn-Judge and Odd Arne Westad, London, Routledge, 2006, pp. 187-206.

The Pol Pot Regime (2002 edition)

How Pol Pot Came to Power (2004 edition)

Conflict and Change in Cambodia, special issue of Critical Asian Studies (34:4, Dec. 2002)

"A World Turned Upside Down" (Introduction to Dith Pran, Children of Cambodia's Killing Fields)

"Le communisme racial des Khmers rouges", by Ben Kiernan (Esprit, mai 1999)

"Cambodia's Twisted Path to Justice", by Ben Kiernan

"Penser le génocide au Cambodge" (Le Monde, 28 mai 1998)

“Désolés pour le génocide” (Le Monde, 5 janvier 1999)

"Implication and accountability", by Ben Kiernan (Bangkok Post, 31 January 1999)

"Notes from a slaughterhouse", by Ben Kiernan (Bangkok Post, May 30, 1999)

"Cambodia's Terror Lords Must Not Evade Trial", by Ben Kiernan, (San Jose Mercury News, March 7, 1999)

"Bringing the Khmer Rouge to Justice"
(Human Rights Review, 1, 3, April-June 2000, pp. 92-108)

"Cambogia: guistizia posposta," in Marcello Flores, ed., Storia, verità, giustizia: I crimini del XX secolo, Milano, Bruno Mondadori, 2001, pp. 171-179.

"Ke Pauk"
(London Guardian, 21 February 2002)

"Reply to William Shawcross" (1997)

"Orphans of Genocide: The Cham Muslims of Cambodia under Pol Pot," Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, 20:4 (1988), 2-33.

"William Shawcross, Declining Cambodia" (1986)

"Origins of the Vietnam-Cambodia Conflict" (Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, Oct. 1980)

"Vietnam and Cambodia" (Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, Oct. 1979)

Cambodian Genocide Program (CGP)


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